Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Vengeful Strawberry Period

The weather is getting a bit cool recently, which is nice, but many places began their Valentine's Day promotion early and it sting me at my soul...

I am still single... Lately it began to look like it is by choice, which is not. Although I have some hope, since the smoking ban has been announce. I would considered going out to night gay places again.

But back to the main subject... This is well before February and yet they began to roll out strawberry products... Darn...

Anyhow... one of my younger brother's friend has stop by and he own PSP. He actually own four, when I ask him about it :P His PSP have 4Gb Memory Stick, a real one at that. I tried it with my phone and it seems to work fine eventhough it just have 500s Mb left. So I guess that's my solution... I will have to cough up more money to get the real deal. **Sigh**

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