Wednesday, January 09, 2008

That DS Nagging Feeling

I have been having this urge for quite sometime... The urge to take the plunge and buy myself a Nintendo DS.

There are so many games that I wants to play on DS, and perhaps many mores that I will like but never heard of. I have been longing to play the Nintendogs, Final Fantasy III remake, the upcoming Final Fantasy IV, Animal Crossing, and perhaps many more. The main obstacle, or rather my only sane reasoning that stop me from making the actual purchase, is the fact that I am now commute to work by walking only.

I knew that I would probably be on my computer or watching TV more than playing on the DS. It will not help killing the time during my commute, as I only walk for about 10-15 minutes). And I do not thing it will looks proper if I play it at work :pp

I am still Soooo Tempting though. Especially when there is no proper DS emulator available, even now...

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