Saturday, January 05, 2008

Passing the first weekend of the New Year

The first weekend has passed, without much fanfare.

My new friend had asked me to join him at a disco in Ramkamheng area called iCK. I do not really know where exactly that is but I call had called bus route information hotline, 184 (very useful to remember), for bus route suggestion earlier and I got the bus numbers. When it's time to go, 21:00 already, the buses became scarce. I took one to The Mall, Bang kapi and wait for the second bus. To make the long story short, I got a bit lost and have to take taxi.

The entrance fee was quite cheap, only 20 baht, but no drink coupon. It was typical disco, with mindless fast tempo music, people smoking and so on. And the water cost 25 baht per bottle :p The music change to Hip-Hop style around 23:20 which is nicer but not still not quite what I like. I finally left around 23:35, after having enough of the cigarette smoke.

After waiting for the bus that I could ride to come by, I finally settle for taxi to go back home...

My Aussie friend (the one I mention in my new year post) had sent me SMS saying that he wants to try the Japanese restaurant I told him about, Kuroda, this Sunday. I can't wait to see him again. Eventhough it will be just a dinner date due to time constraint it still nice. My only complain is that I will go after my long day at work.

Oh well... better than nothing I guess.

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