Monday, January 21, 2008

Claim and reclaim

I went out early today to claim my Memory Stick and it went smoothly.

Although I arrive earlier than I should, as the shop open at 10:00, I have to kill sometime walking around the area. But once the shop is opened the owner had check the MS and replace it without any animosity. He also added that if it break again, I can come back to claim it again as well.

Since the shop also sell handheld consoles, I have to ask for the price. For DS, with full options and ready to play the ROMs, it cost 7,100 baht. I am still tempted but not as sorely :p

I am also get back to work ontime as well ;)

On another note, I had reclaim my old waistline :D. I am now able to use the last two notch on my belt, as well as buttoned my old jeans again :D.

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