Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Unusual Morning in Bangkok

This morning, when I walked out of the house, something unusual is happen in Bangkok.

This is the shopping mall near by where I live. It was 8:20 AM. I never saw fog this dense in Bangkok before, Ever. And I live in Bangkok all my life!

The fog was so dense you can barely see the structure far away.

This is my office building, although my office is only on the second floor and not seen in the photo.

This is about the opposite from my office. It used to be a theme park, probably the first one in the country. Now it became... I think a go-cart racing track.

This last one is from with in the office, as I wants to show the last remaining structure from the theme park. I guess you say it's an imitation from Disney's symbolized castle. Now it stand as the last building from the theme park.

The weather, to my surprise, was not cold at all but rather refreshing. I do smell moisture in the air with a hint of smoke somehow... Maybe it just in my head...

The only other times I experience fog like this (although admittedly a lot denser) was when I was in Japan! Please, see the right side for my Japan trip posts :)


tornwordo said...

Wow, first time in your whole life? That is pretty unusual then.

Petie said...

Well not first times in my life :P But first times, This Dense, in BKK.

I had been *in the fog* during my trip in Japan. We were on a mountain tram station.

When we got off the coach to go into the station, the fog was so dense that my pants were moist when I got in :P

Please check my comment in your Jan 9 post ;) It might be useful to you

Mr Rainbow Man said...

Funny, it was NOT LIKE this when i was in Krungthep. Instead, it was HOT HOT HOT. Moreover, to make matter worst, I was wearing black or grey all the time.