Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cell Phone Woe

Or rather, to be more precise, a Memory Stick woe.

On Late Friday night, I finally got around to load new image into my phone (on to the memory stick) and update some of the songs. I use the easy method of removin the MS and stick it into the card reader on my computer. After I am done, I put it back in to the phone. That is when my phone turn wonky.

The phone began to act funny, as the screen blink white twice and the phone try to conenct to the network again. I finally take it to Sony Service shop yesterday. After convincing the staff that the problem must comes from the phone memory not the MS, I reluctantly agreed to have the phone reset and redo the firmware. Which means I will lost all the settings, games, and any info I kept on the phone.

After two hours, I got my phone back. It freeze after I put in the MS... The problem seems to undisputely caused by the Memory Stick... As this is proven after I put in my old MS and the phone works fine.

So this means I paid 350 baht service charge to learn this, plus I lost all of my info and setting on the phone. Hopefully I can have it replace at the shop I bought it from... Although I vaguely remembered that the shopowner have said that it can be replace only on certain conditions... I hope that the sight of my phone freeze can persuade him.

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