Friday, August 25, 2006

The Long Overdue Benny News post

I meant to do this post for quite a while now (now that I check my email, it's been a month alraedy, arghh...) But then, I had my own issues and this is My blog so there ya go...

So the update on Benny (click on the name if you don't know what I am talking about). He is doing fine and now sue his parent and the hospital with abduction and wrongful imprisonment. Click here to see the news on Taiwanese newspaper website. It was all in chinese though but if you scroll down a bit you will see some illutration details Benny's account of the event that leads him to end up in hospital for 2 months and how he stay defiant until the judge released him. Here is another news post at Click here for the news.

MusicMan told me that Benny had became a sort of celebrity in Taiwan with what happen to him and that he is on TV a lot as well. So he is doing well considered what happen to him.

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