Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It Finally Happen!!

The almost impossible had finally happen! I thought it would took longer but it really did happen!

No it wasn't that I finally got myself a man of my own (Darn!) But I finally cough up the dough to buy a new mobile phone :D

After much consideration and contemplation, I finally reach the conviction of buying Sony Ericcson w810i. It's price has surprising droping after the first week of May and seems to keep on decreasing which means I paid almost three thousand baht less than when it's first came out :D

I also bought the obligatory accessory of screen shield cover and black silicon protective case. I had add several game and a bunch of songs it to the phone :) It will also be my alarm clock as well :P

Portrait of the phone will be coming in a few days ;P


savante said...

Dropping prices? Get one for me!


The Searcher said...

WOW, this seems like a great phone... congrats na

Pete said...

Thanks guys :) Now you can look at the items above.