Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tomorrow to MBK

My plan tomorrow, since MusicMan already have a plan for Sunday at noon (a date to go see Fashion show, darn him :p), is to go to MBK Mall again to visit my regular game shop, this times to exchange the CDs I already bought.

The last times I was at MBK Mall I had, acquired :), Dungeon Siege II: Broken Sword, the expansion of DSII. It was available in both DVD (the original included) and the CD version (on BS, 1 CD). Since I had got the first one already, so I bought the CD version just to save some money. However, when I got home and rummage through my games collection and found the CDs. Three of them are 'mass produce' CDs while one was CD-R (as one of the mass produce original was bad). The mass produce had gone bad somehow... both computers I tried them on did not see the CDs at all, while the CD-R one was working just fine.

I called the game shop to tell them about this, the owner is very kind and tell me to bring the CDs in for exchange for the DVD version instead (I bought the original 4 CDs version from them since about last year so she is very kind about this) Also when I call her again today to tell her taht I will be there tomorrow she said to also brought one of my purchase so she can make a copy of it for another customer :)

And perhaps I might get a haircut tomorrow also...


savante said...

Wah, MBK mall again!


Joel said... of the kind

love there especially top floor, lot of food stuffs, YUM!