Sunday, October 16, 2005

Into DVD era!

I suppose it is a sort of personal indulging cause by taking advantage of a chance happening... Oh... heck it just that my mom wanted to go to Pantip Plaza (the First Computer shopping mall in TH: Five floors of computer softwares (pirated mostly :p), hardwares, accessories, etc. a pure heaven for techno junkies) so I decided to tag along to replace my CD-RW drive with DVD-RW so I can play PC games that came out in DVD :ppp

I got LG 16x according to the salesgirl's recommendation despite the fact that most people in my webboard seems to be using Lite-On - -;; Oh.. well... this one is a bit more expensive but it also give 10 LG DVD+R as well. I hope I didn't make the wrong choice :p

And I also add another 512MB DDR-RAM as well. so now I have total of 1GB RAM :)

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