Sunday, August 27, 2006

Multiple Shower Buddies

As titilating as the title may sounds, unfortunately it refers to my several bottles of shower gels.

Is it common to have more than one kind of shower gels in your bathroom? Ever since I switch to shower gel several years ago, I tend to end up with more than one bottle of shower gel at one times. Whenever I shower, it seems that I prefer different scent of shower gel each times depend on my mood. Right now I have chocolate truffle butter shower milk, Boots' orange citrus essentials shower scrub, Johnson & Johnson baby milk baht, and the new Lux mediterranean mineral shower gel :))

I often use the Chocolate butter one mix with J&J milk baht, since the chocolate milk one didn't smell as nice once it's been lathered :P But mixing with the milk bath it smell quite Ok :)
As for Boots' Orange citrus shower scrub, it smell very nice orange citrus smell and it lasted quite long :) It's good when you use it everynight as the scent will stuck on your bed too :)

So, lemme ask this to a few of you guys who read my blog, is it common to have more than one shower gel in your bathroom? :)


savante said...

I demand my kinky marine platoon shower gang bang now!


Anonymous said...

U r GAY, so that's okay.