Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Day with MusicMan

My Friend, MusicMan, had some free time today so we meet up so I can show him where can he shop for the stuff he wants.

First stop was Pantip Plaza, the man was really entralled by the place :) I am surprise when he said that he never been to Pantip Plaza before but not surprise when he added that he will definately come back and spend a whole afternoon just walking around, not to mention the eye candies for him :p He said he wants to look for small TV, adaptors for his music intrusment, blank CDs and cell phone. The first three is best to browse in Pantip while the last item is best to go to MBK. I lead him to the blank CDs area on the second floor, in which he take a liking to BenQ CDs as it has musical instrument printed on top. He end up buying a 50 piece box of that :). And after we check out a few places for Adaptors and small TV, MM announce that he wants to buy the cell phone (the same one that I have, I saw what it can do for him the last times we meet and he really like it :))

So we headed outside the building and hail a cab, it was a short ride to MBK mall. I took him to the shop that I bought my phone from. When we arrive at the shop, it was close. However, when I was talking to MM and thinking about what to do, the shop owner is walking toward us so I walk up to him and ask if he's here to open the shop. He said yes and that they were just came back from paying respect to the ancestor day (Chinese tradition). And then the purchase process begins.

After some testing and so on, MusicMan is now a proud owner of Sony Ericcson w810i :D. After the purchase was complete, MusicMan began to complain about started to get claustophobic (the mobile phone area was indeed quite crowded and MBK are generally crowded mall with heavy foot traffic already). So he excuse himself to split as he is due to work in studio as well.

It was fun hanging out with him :) Although he had brough his slave with him, so I wasn't comfortable enough to grope him :P But I will see him again, hopefully this Sunday, as he might visit JJ Market (the famed weekend market). Then I will have him in my room so I can show him some stuff on my computer as well as hook his phone up to my computer for some materials transfer :)


savante said...

He hasn't been to Pantip Plaza?!


Pete said...

Apparently no :) But it won't be the last times that he would go there :)

He said he would go back for sure especially after the school hours :p