Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lady in the Water

I have been waiting to see this movie since I saw the preview. And eventually saw it on the first week of it's release here in BKK.

The movie is... not Shayamalan typical movie, as in there was no huge plot twist, no huge surprise at the end. I think it still quite an ok movie, although it seems a bit... off. The opening scene (after the epilogue part) is quite funny :) As the movie progress, I find it odd that Giamatti's character believe the girls rather fast and not even questions the girl's identity. I do like the multi-culteral vibe of the casts though, the whole movie has a great mixture of tenants of various backgrounds and it serve as a colorful backdrop to the movie. The main female protagonist herself stars by Ron Howard's daugther Dallas Howard. I must say that her acting is quite good, she does a job being mystic being.

However, at the end, the movie seems to lack a certain element to make it a great one. I am not sure what it is... perhaps it's how the movie seems too straight forward than it should be or perhaps I have a preconception that this is a Shayamalan's movie and that it would be more complex than usuals.

In the end, it was an Ok movie, not as good as it should be (considered the stars and the director). I had seen a more 'together' movie :)

Also the time that I went to see the movie, there was an elder couple sitting not far from me and they were talking during most of the movie... It was annoying as hell but I just didn't have the heart to tell them off... Unfortunately, the staring doesn't not help either...

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