Saturday, August 27, 2005

Somewhat eventful night at work...

Just when I thought I have nothing to blog about it is almost like Fraudian thing that leads my brain toward how it goes last night...

I made mistake in my work... Which did not happen for about two years now... The darnest thing is that I have to call people up to fix this mistake since the easiest way, for this case, is to rollback the system.

In retrospect, I was lucky that it happen on that particular day since:
-It was Friday night, so there was no real rush to fix it since the system will not have a lot of workload on Saturday morning.
-The database is tied to accounting and as they will began to clear the report at the end of month I would rather that it happen on this week than next week *shudder*
-The building was fumigating, not by my company but by the building's maintenance, so I was not eager to stay long... Although they did not fumigating on my floor but they did most of the upper floors and the fume did goes downward. I was not keen to sit at my table and breath in insecticide until the job is complete...

Still I was not keen that it happen. Afterall, this will not look good on my record. Eventhough there was no record of me per say but people, especially those that looking over my shoulder type (supervisor and manager,) tend to focus on how you screw up things rather than when u you do it right. I suppose we were all like that... We take it for granted when things goes smoothly and then go bend out of shape when hit the bump. I guess I am entitled to say this again, Darn IT!!!

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