Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Lovely F****** Word

The word I meant is of cause, Friends.

I have a few close friends, although not by choices but it just seems to be that way. So I would like to mention the closed ones here:

My first close friend that we still manage to keep in touch is Nordic. I met him in an IRC chat room long time ago and he is the only one from that chat room that I still be able to keep in touch. He is a nice guy and for some odd reasons, we could talk on the phone or chat online about this and that continuously for hours on end :) He used to come to Thailand every years for about 11 years before relocated here permanently. He had been burnt badly from previous serious relationship but within a few months of moving here he found another love by accident and it is his current serious relationship. Since he already moved to Bangkok he stop going online for chat since he have his group of friends as well as a boyfriend now so I did not get to see him much.

My second close friend, oddly enough, happen when I went to a gay bar for the first times :) I think I must be around 19 years old then and I have been curious about gay bar. So I ask one of my friend to show me to rope so to speak and I end up talking to this guy which I would dub Mr. American. He is older closet case gentleman who began to live his gay life once he moved to Bangkok. His story is like many others previous generations of gay men, married to women for various reason only to divorce them later because they cannot hide their true feelings. And like many others he love his kids dearly. Now he ran a business dealing with companies in America. Currently he been travelling a lot to smoothen the rough patch he is in so he is very busy. We also just happen to share the same birthday, which means we share the same sign Leo but the amazing part is that we also share the same chiense zodiac sign Snake as well :)

My third close friend is a woman of my age and probably close to being my own Grace of Will & Grace so I will call her Grace. I met her in the university, although I forget how we meet exactly she claimed that we sat in the same class one day and one of my friend who is also her friend has introduce us. She was a bit of a tom boy in her manner, short hair, quite brassy, artistic type, and talk in snazzy kinda way and was one of those christian who wants to help others by inviting them to their meetings. As a gay man, and already have a religion of my own I have no interest in such events. Although I remembered that I yielded to her request once and went to an event which I vaguely remembered that it seems to be some performance on the stage and it must be around Christmas times. Later when she tried to persuade me to go to such events again I just came out to her as to why I did not wants to go again. I do not know when exactly that she and I became closer though but during the few years of my university years we became closer. She even became curious about the gay life that she wants to visit gay bar. So I end up taking her to one and I also ask Nordic to join us as well.

Unfortunately for me (fortunately for her of cause), Grace had found her man, a soft spoken, mild manner half Moroccan/British man (although he looks for Moroccan than British). They fell in love, he did fell head over heel for her :). She is like a raging fire while he is the mild water seems to make the dynamic of their relationship works just fine. Although the fact that he is a couple of years younger than her seems to rattle her a bit but I think love conquers all in this matter ^_^ (She had confine with me that she never thought that her husband will look like this but she still love him anyway). They ended up signing the marriage license so that it will easier for her to move to London to study, work, and be with her man. (This is a big secret, as well as the fact that her man is younger than her, to her family so not a word to anyone). So now she is in London and live with her man and too busy to use computer even to write email regularly... She did still write from time to time which is still good...

With this long post, let it be a lesson to you, Do Not Make Close Friends with People Who Were Very Different or Too Busy Than You Are. Otherwise you will end up being the one who have to initiate all contacts whether there would be phone calls, emails, or meetings. And let me tell you, men just Don't Call!!

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