Friday, August 12, 2005

Game... Game Player

I know it's lameass titlebut hey I am a bit insomniac at the moment I need to type down a bit :)

Nope I am not that type of game player but I am definately a Computer game player. As I mention earlier I use my first comptuer to play several games... Back then I seems to be playing all types of games... Apart from platform type since I never seems to get the hang of it (think Mario and u get the ideas... Never seems to have very good hands-eyes coordination on those games) I had tried my hands on Doom II, SimCity, and Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers just to name a few and boy did I waste many of my precious time as a youth on those titles :) Although my English was not good enough to understand what was going on in game story wise but I do like to play them nonetheless

And now as a older, a bit wiser, and perhaps more sophisticated game player. I have lost my interest in playing the FPS game quite entirely, even the famous Grand Theft Autos game series did not spark my interest that much (alright I had play GTA: Vice City and got seriously nauseated once that I throw up a bit after I turn of the game) It seems that as I grow older I seems to have the motion sickness symptoms?? Whatever it was I do have a hard time playing any game that have the movement like the GTA game, the sort of fix camera First person view type, which is quite a shame because it means I could not play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for long since that would get me sick, literally... Although I had discuss this with a some people and they said that this symptom can be avoided byplaying these game on computer with high-end graphic card. I have yet to prove this theory since those high-end cards also means high price.

I guess I could say that I am rahter lucky that I appreciated a certain type of game more than the rest and that certain type did not require too high graphic requirement nor serious button mashing movement nor mindless shoot'em up, yeap I am talking about Adventure games.

Adventure games are the more story driven and many times brain teaser type of game that were popular when the computer began to be entertaining machine. A few of classics that I love are Kyrandia series, Gabriel Knight series, Sam & Max, Beneat a steel sky, Grim Fandango. Also the more recent bests: The Longest Journey and Syberia

It seems that I get into too much details of my liking for games... That's not quite true since my main hobby is reading manga :)

PS: I will continue the part 2 sometime later... perhaps during my free time in the office tomorrow night


savante said...

I loved all those games too! Did you use to play a horridly amusing game titled Laura Bow? God, I must have played it a million times! Not to mention the hilarious Monkey Island series.


Pete said...

I never play Laura Bow though... The most hilarious game I ever play is Sam & Max :) and I've got the CD version too!