Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Part 1: Chance encounter Black and Green

When I was in 8th Grade, my school decided to replace English typewriting class with Computer class. That was my first encounter with computer. I still remember it quite well of how we learn the how to use Dos 3.20 and DBase on Monochrome (Black background with Green letter (come to think of it... that was very Matrix like :))) screen.

And when I began Highschool, we began using Windows 3.1 on colored monitor!! I seems to get the hang of it better than the rest of the class practical wise but somehow the programming lesson even of the Basic language put me to sleep (Involunteerly I might add) quite easily...

Later on I have a chance to work as User support trainee during summer break at a Big company near where I live. I had learned a lot during that time of how to do Computer maintenance, how to setup computers, and do minor tweaking of things. By then Windows 95 just began to be widely use in the company and I got to do setup for new computers, which gave me a chance to learn how to use it as well.

And then came an incident which force me to take some drastic action


savante said...

Glad you dropped by my blog, Pete. Will add you as soon as I can :)


Pete said...

Been a long time fan of your stories and your blog :) Just recently decided to became a blogger myself :)