Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sitcom and Sit-Com

The title represent two of the activities that I like quite a lot which are Sitcom series and Sitting in front of Computer.

The Sitcom that I like are:
A. Golden Girls. I really love the offensive lines of Estelle Getty :)
B. Will & Grace. A must for every gay man I think...
C. The Nanny. Classic storylines delivered with crazy glamour dresses and unforgettable voice by Fran Drescher :D
D. Whose Lines is it anyway? I saw the one with Drew Carey as the host and boy was it hillarious...
E. Murphy Brown. The name said it all :)
F. Ally McBeal. I know it's not a sitcom but one-hour drama but I still love it anyhow :) I like the way the musics seems to be the additional mood setters throughout the show. I did have some tears in my eyes a few times.

That's all I could think up at the moment, perhaps I would add some later.

Now, about sitting in front of computer... I must admit that it it not always *fun* times for me for various reasons... And the current one is named 'Dungeon Siege II' I tend to be addicted of sort to this type of game... The set of mind that wants to explore the quest a bit more... jsut a little more while the rest of my body is aching for rest (espeically my wrist... Darn!) or food... I guess this might be a not so good but perhaps quite effective diet method?


savante said...

Hey! I watch all those sitcoms too!


Pete said...

It seems that I watch sitcom less and less which I find it a bit disturbing... Since I always love to laugh out loud before I go to bed... Now Two and a Half Men also quite nice , as well as Reba but those came at the same time as CSI: Miami...

BTW, you might like a new series called House MD. a story of eccentric diagnostician who does not like people starred by Hugh Luarie a scottish bloke who spoke with american accent in this one.