Saturday, August 27, 2005

D*A*M*N IT!!!

I got offical warning from my supervisor regarding my mistake. I must admit I am a bit surprise that I get this since afterall I did not make a habit of making this type of mistake. Like I mention in my last post, people seems to focus on when you make mistake rather than when you are not. The supervisor use the work 'again and again' when if I recalled correctly this mistake did not happen for at least a year!! And he mention that other people have to come into office to do the rollback, well that is Their jobs as well. The same way that I have to came into office in unusual hours because the new patch need to be tested. Things happen and we deal with it the way they came.

With the kind of job that I have, a routine processing kind which means I am pretty much doing the same thing every times I came to work, there will be mistake every once in a while. I am only human afterall. I guess I am being quite defensive but hey one times out of 178 days (the total working day more or less in one year) is still less than one percent! cut me some slack please!

Now should I reply the warning asking the supervisor nicely to remind me when was the last times that this kind of mistake happen? I can assure you guys that it was at least a year ago. Or should I just do nothing and just say Ok to this??


savante said...

It really stinks but I think you just gotta suck it in :( Unfortunately, we do make mistakes - and it's our supervisor's shitty job to point it out.


Pete said...

In additional notes, my manager heard of this incident via grapevine (as I was tolded) and now she want a report from the supervisor and she also heard that something like this happen often (which is not true, the last times it happen is the year before last!) One of the supervisor came to talk to me today and the word 'terminated' were use several times. However, this supervisor is more understanding of my situation and advice me of how to deal with the manager in case I was called in to explain. In any case, it was said that this will be my final warning before getting canned or something like that.

Pete said...

Also this supervisor also added that it will be ludicrious for me to get fired over this because

a) it would scare off my replacement.

b) it would be too much of a hassle to find the replacement.

c) the other person who know how to do my work would not want this work because she already have another permanent position.

In short his input to the manager would be that it would be better to keep me (but perhaps with some reprimand) rather than replacing me.