Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Day with CA & I Think I Got a Job

My day with CA played out similar to last times we met at Pantip plaza, meaning just shopping and no sex :p

He did not had a lot of time, so we just browse through one video store, have our meal at S&P and that's it. I tried to have him comment on my arse but he did not notice :p

Earlier that day, the job agency called to tell me that the job interview I had yesterday was probably not gonna happen. Which is might as well, as the job sounds too much for me. I had chat with the person in the position I would be in if I can be. As it turns out position would be more secretarial job, with a lot of book binding, tremendous stress, and a lot of coming to work early and leave way pass the working hours (60% of the times to be exact from the estimation of the guy whom I will be working for).

Anyway, the job agency also offer me a job and have me done a test. I work on it for about 3 hours or more in total. And the results? I guess you can guess it from the post title.

It will paid less than what I used to get, plus I will also works half day on Saturday and 4 months probation. After some consideration... I guess this is quite good chance for me to be doing something, as I think I began to get used to the routine of not working :p

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