Friday, June 01, 2007

My First Day at The New Office

Overall, It was an Ok experience, considering how nervous I was about actually having to work again. Not to mention, how it seems that mentally I am still wants to goof off and stay home and not work.

The first half of the day was rather boring, just the routine of getting acquainted with the other staffs and getting to know the task at hands. There were two new staffs today, me and another woman. We spend the morning reading the core document of the company.

Noon came and I was almost asleep, partly due to how late I went to bed last night :p The food from the near by vendor cart was... barely eatable but it was relatively cheap for the area.

After lunch, we were relaxing online a bit and then it's time to get back to work. My new boss began explaining what she expected of us and what our specific task would be. Mine was to make the candidates' resume became more interesting. be more "business like". I guess to sum it in one words, is to "Glamorize" it.

My main task is to help the boss upgrade the resume up to a point, then she will refine it to the company's standard. The task which keep her work till very late. So my version of the upgrading will help reduce that time she have to spend doing the upgrade.

So I spend most of the afternoon, until the end of work hour, reading through the resume and make it better. I guess being a rather small but efficient firm, they work quite fast. I too was able to finish doing my part in updating the resumes, for all 13 people today, within the last hour.

The traveling to and from the office was not as bad as I thought it would be. If only the bus I need shows up I could save some money. So far I realize I could walk from the BTS to the office, and that would save me 10 baht :)

I am still not sure if I would like this work... I am still waiting for the result of my application to another corporation. If I was able to go through all the hoops with that one, I think I will take it...

That is a big If though...

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Stephen said...

Congrats on getting a new job so quickly - and if you don't like it, keep looking and good luck. It's always easier to get the job you want when you already have one.