Friday, May 04, 2007

An All Nighter

Last night was pretty unusual for me. I am not the type that spend the night in club, dancing to mind numbing techno beats. But I have obligation and I did not mind, it was nice to be out of the house and be in the crowd for a change, even if I thought 'Man, this is not really my scene'

A friend of mine will be in BKK for a several hours before his next flight to Phuket. Since he did not wants to spend the time in the airport, we agreed to meet in Silom so I can take him to the local gay club. He is an Italian-American from D.C., he had been working in Hanoi for the pass two weeks and he is having the vacation in Phuket along with his friend who is a woman.

The plan was for him to call me once he arrive at the airport to let me know when to leave the house and we will meet at McDonald in C.P. Tower in Silom which open 24 hours. He call at 23:15, just as I finish dressing up and heading out. It was good timing too, since I can still use subway to go to Silom.

To my surprise, when I arrive at McDonald, D.C. and his friend were already there. After greeting and chatting up getting to know each other a little better, we went to D.J. Station the famed gay club. They were having a good time, with drinks in hands and a foreigner chatting them up. In my case, it was a so so time. Since I do not drink, smoke, nor dance, I have little to do besides watching people. It was Thursday night, after midnight, and it was packed.

At about 2:30, the guy who chat up my friend has invited us to go to another club called G.O.D. with them. We left with him and a few of his friend. The location was in the same avenue as Freeman, only Freeman seems to have been gone and G.O.D. is in its place. The entrance fee was two and half times more expensive than D.J. although we gets two drinks. Inside there was a big stage on one side and a small catwalk from the stage connecting to the D.J. booth in the middle of the floor. There was also a cage on the far side of the stage. There were a few buff guys dancing on stage and in the cage in skimpy undies and it was quite clear that they were the club's staff. There were quite a few other guys who were dancing on stage without their shirt as well. D.C. friend was having a great time dancing on the catwalk and she beckon D.C. to dance on the stage as well :P By now I notice the staff's t-shirt and realize that G.O.D. stands for Guys On Display, hence, the dancers.

The place was still half pack when we gets there around 2:45, but by 3:20 it was packed. It seems that people leaving D.J. had came to this club for more drinks and dance. It was after 4:00 that I have to reminded them that they should go back to the airport. D.C. friend wants to leave at 4:30 but I reminded them that it was raining earlier and it might make it slower to gets to the airport.

They really enjoy their time and thanks me profusely for taking them out. We promise to hang out again if they visit BKK again.

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