Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Darn Weather

Bangkok is back in the state, when it is hot like summer if it's not raining even for just one day. I wish it would rain everyday though... Or rather everynight...

Also right now I have to resorts to wearing long pajamas pants. Because my feet and my left leg became spotty and red from the mosquitoes bites (15 places ranging from half a centimeters to one cent.) and scratchings. I have to wear them partly to stop exposing my vital parts to the minute demons, Mosquitoes.

I never hate them more than right now... I sincerely think that the world would be a much better place if all mosquitoes would become extinct. I do not mind that much that they feed on my blood but what bothers me is that they seems to be ungrateful bastard who rather feed and leave quietly, they just have to leave poison to bother their feeders. In my opinion, that's just plain evil.

Moreover, I have notices long time ago, that fluorescent light is quite hot. You can try this by only turn on the light without the fan (Perhaps this would only works in tropical countries) and you will start sweating buckets. So right now, I am typing in the dark with the light from my LCD monitor. It's not good for my eyes that's for sure...

Right now, the only thing I am looking forward to, is the visit from SC in the first week of June. I made a plan to show him MBK mall for his gay movie (real movies not porns :p) quest and BBQ buffet at Daidomon. And later a meal at my place, hopefully he will give me some sugar for desert :P

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