Monday, May 28, 2007

Here comes CA

CA arrive late last night, he sent me SMS to notify me of his arrival and ask if we can meet on Tuesday. I call him after I sent reply SMS and we chat a bit. He said that he will be quite busy on Monday with his business and going to Pantip plaza.

So our initial plan was to meet at BTS station near MBK mall, but as I call him today to tell him to look for Flash drive as they are quite cheap now. He said he already got three of those :P and said that he would like to visit Pantip plaza again. So now the plan is to meet him at Pantip plaza, do a quick tour then went to MBK mall, browse around a bit, go to eat at Daidomon and perhaps persuade him to come back to place so I can try to have my way with him :P

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