Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Museum After Dark

It's been a long time since the last times I had been in the movie theater. Today I have the time and mood to go to one and finally see 'Night At The Museum'

The first times I saw the movie trailer I told myself this would be a great movie. It was one of the well made movie trailer, the kind that instantly say this is a must see!

I heard that the movie was made from a book of the same name. It was a fun movie to see that much is certain. It was particularly fun to see how all the different models and dioramas came to life and interact with each other. I guess the wardrobe designer must have a great time with this movie with the clothes for all the era, nationalities and style.

Hopefully this movie will help your appreciate the museum and take a stroll inside your local museum as well :)

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The Searcher said...

I am looking forward to watch this movie too!