Friday, January 12, 2007

Another blow in the Gut: The continued saga

After a few days of silent treatment at each other (read the details here and here) , I decided to break the ice with MD. After noticing that client's website has been updated with keywords tag but not with the rest of the code, so I thought MD had found someone to work on this. I was wrong.

It turns out that the client update the website on their own according to the advice to get rid of the frame and adding the keywrods tag. And that MD has not secure someone to work for him yet. Time is pressing on and he began to stress out. He lament of how he spend his mornings looking for people to take on the works and how it affect this real job.

I propose the idea of hiring a company to handle this client for the time being and hired the part time worker to work with me on another website. Since we literally ran out of time, I figured this would be the resonable and logical solution. This way we can get let someone else handle the urgent works and the yet-to-be-hired Part time person and I can take time with the less urgent one.

He call my idea idotic, stupid and arrogant... and log off...

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