Saturday, January 20, 2007

Anti-Biotic and 950 :)

I recently take TOEIC test per my boss' order. I was slightly annoyed by this at first, as I realize how much I hate jumping through hoops for something that deems unnecessary. But I also quickly realize, this would be a good opportunity to get the score which should be useful in my job hunting.

Prior to taking the test, I tried out the TOEIC software that my younger bro had found. As it turns out the format of the exam in both the software and the real one are identical, and I score 889/990 in the software, so I am fairly confident of the results.

The day before the test, I came down with another infection again... Apparently the same symptoms and bugs as the one I got a few days after New Year's Eve. I know which anti-biotic to takes and I decided to get the generic ones as I already bought the expensive ones for the last times. I also wants to compare the results myself, since I heard several people said the localize drugs are not as good as the imported ones. So far I must say the imported ones are better.... One of my friend hypothesize that eventhough the ingredients are the same but the process of making them might not. He gave an example of generic paracetamol and Tylenol, that while both are the same medicine, Tylenol is better because your body can absorb the medicine better. This might be the case here as well... Since with the import anti-biotic, by the third day I got no sniffle already, while this generic one I still have that and this is already the fourth day....

Anyway back to the test story :P What I was saying is that I went to the exam with congested nose and a bit lightheaded due to the illness. My nose was running almost the entire time during the exam. The exam itself was not terribly hard for me, they divided into listening and reading parts. I got full score on the listening part and several mistakes in the reading part (grammar is not my strong point) so in total I scored 950 out of 990 :D

It is a good score, I am happy about it. Hopefully it will be helpful in my quest for new job.

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