Monday, January 08, 2007

Dream Fallen

It's official... The business I mention is official fall through.

I called a freelance listed on a website I found. Turns out she will accept the job in her company's name. I am fine with that. After coaxing a price quote out of her, which is about half as expensive compare to the top company but they are doing it for 100 keywords.

When I told MD about this, he seems to be foaming at the mouth (judging by his chat) asking if this is Europe firm or BKK firm. He said he can get much better service there with the same money and added that he had contact SEO companies in India (the top three listing on Google search) who quote an amazing One Year price, the amount that usually the cost of three months package here. After he told me that I tried to look for that price quote myself. Those that actually listed their price shown that the price he was quote is about the same as the monthly fees in those companies.

Either he understood it wrong or that he must have got the quote for Pay-Per-Click instead of SEO, I don't know. I half wishes that I was right about that... I am very interested to see if I was right or not...

Since Pay-Per-Click or PPC is similar but not really SEO, with PPC you don't need to anything to your website. What you need to do is bid on the keywords on Google and then your website will be seen on every search page resulting from the keywords you bid. The pro is that it generally cheaper than SEO and you can control your budget each month. The con is that as soon as you stop paying then your website will just goes back to obscurity as before.

Eventually he announce that he has enough with me not producing any results and that he had cut me off.

Everybody whom I relay this whole ordeal to: my colleague, my friends, my family members, a complete stranger (whom I was trying to hired to do the job), all say similar things. If they were me they would have quit long time ago (my colleague and my younger bro.), or that I should not waste my time on this unrealistic project (the stranger and my friend), or if I think it's too complicated then I should quit (my mom).

I have never been a quitter, therefore I tried and tired to make this works. It is obvious that whatever I came up with is never good enough for him. I guess it's never meant to be...

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