Monday, January 01, 2007

What a Bomb...

I had quite a good time, where I shall not say... But It was a good time indeed. I think I gain a new friend. But we will see how it goes.

While I was having a good time I check my mobile phone and saw that there were many (about 40s in total) of miss called to my mobile phone, both from the office and from my family. I call my office first to see what it is all about. That's when I heard of the six bombs that was blasted earlier. My college called because the boss wants to make sure we are alright (and perhaps to see if the schedule have to be change due to injuries :p).

Although I had a great night, it was barred by the fact that I have to work tomorrow night... Otherwise I will be able to stay with the couple who invited me to their hotel room :ppp

Another reason to quit my job...

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