Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When Friend became Ex-Friend

I considered myself as the kind of guy who will maintain the friendship until the other person said otherwise. And what do you know it had happened once along with another type of incident...

The First one I would mention is a French man I met from somewhere. He was and ok guy I suppose and then the fall out happen when we was chatting on MSN. I said something and he corrected me, I laugh it off (type hehe back) and I think said something like it's not fun to right all the time. De seems to take offended by that, argument ensued and it end up with him said he did not want to keep in touch with me anymore. Thinking back sometime later, I think that he seems to be quite smitten with me at first and thought of me as some clean cut cutey with no edgy side (How Wrong was that impression :ppp) I guess I am a Leo with Cancer's shell. The guy with calm, serene look with temper that shot up instantly when provoke the right (or rather wrong) way. Plus I tend to be more subtle but nasty chatter on the net when I got offended (as oppose to in real life since I seems to lost my train of thought in the heat of anger.) So there goes Ex-Friend no. 1

The Second Ones is an American whom I chat with on and then move on to AOL chat. It was after Thanksgiving, and it seems mandatory to crack a joke about face stuffing on Thanksgiving. So I ask him if he stuffing his face on Thanksgiving and boy he did not like that, not At ALL!!. He manage to tell me that his mom think he's too thin (and I had seen him naked he definitely DID NOT need to thicken up, he need to work out more than anything else) and wanted him to gain more weight. I thought geez... This guy must has some issues and obviously did not seems to be aware of it. As an American, if he cannot take a pot shot about overeating during Thanksgiving then I have no intension to keep chatting him up. And that was the last times I chat with this guy.

There is another guy that recently became an Ex-Friend upon his request and I am not sure if I want to blog about it... But since I seems to be on a roll so where I go...

This guy is an old friend of mine. I have know him for about 9 years now. He is a doctor in NY with both MD. and engineer degree (just to establish that this is quite a smart guy). He told me that he recently wanna take up C programming lesson and told me he wants me to buy him some software from Pantip (pirate version) for him. I said sure and told him to go ask his tutor/teacher which software he need and email me.

Two days later he email me saying he wants C/C++ Compiler for XP. However, that is just a category of software. Eventhough I know nothing about programming, I do know that it is important for the student and teacher to be using the same tool to smoothen the learning process. Especially when you learn to produce something like programming. So the next times I saw him online I ask him which compiler he really want. He reply just any would do. So I point him to some free stuffs at . He questioned me why would there be any free version when there are one that sold for $500. The more I keep pressing him about which software he wants, he became more agitated and upset for some reason. Eventually he cuss me off (not literally but close), accuse me of not wanted to help him and log off.

He later emailed me that he tried the free compiler and said that it only gave him ads and popups. After I investigate this issue I learn that that compiler is sort of barebone software: Came in ZIP file, No install module, just several EXE files and sample code to use in DOS mode. So there is no way he get spyware from this... After several more argument with me keep asking him which one he want and him saying I am trying to get out of helping him. He seems to finally have a breakdown, calling me an idiot and saying he would block my message from now on.

So now I would like to ask my readers to vioce their opinions regarding the above incident. I know that if I told this to Nordic or Mr. American they would just say 'Good Riddance!!'


savante said...

So what happened!


Pete said...

You mean with the MD?? Well I stop talking to the guy and vise versa... I suppose this is the end until he decided he wants to get back with me again...

Or in my dreaming perfect scenario, he realise he was 100%wrong and grovel on the ground begging for my forgiveness. With offer to bought me present of my choices regardless of the expense :ppp