Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Feature and My Coming Soon Weekend

After considering this for a while I decided to add chatter box on my blog, I am not sure anyone would use this but what the heck :P Just something a bit fancy for my blog :) So please people, left kind words, suggestions, anything on the newly added box on your right ;)

For this weekend, I will go to another ComMarts event at Queen Sirikit Convention Center. It must be the forth times this year that they held this event, which became more of sales event rather than innovation one. My goal this times, is to buy a new mouse. I am not too fond of my current one, it is a tad small for my hand and it made my hand ache after prolonged use. Plus I wants to look for the type with five buttons.

I also wants to check out the price and specs of notebook, in case I need one :)

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