Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Opened Position

I am currently a contractor working for a big company. I had been in the same position and same status for quite a long time and now the same position but with employee status has been open up and I gotto know about this on the public email annoucement as the internal application process.

My problem with this? The person who request this mus be my boss. I think that he boss should have some decency to tell us that this is going to happen and give us some extra time to prepare. And why should we have the courtesy warning before hand? Because we been slaving away at this job for 9 years, with minimum benefit and no bonus, I understand that since we are just a contractor but when this position happen why should the boss did not tell us beforehand...

Anyhow , I already submit my application for it as well as for a PR position that happen to be annouce around the same time as the one mentioned above... The catch is that the boss must sign the either approval or acknowledgement paper for every internal application. Somehow I don't think it bode well to have the two papers for two positions to came at the boss' desk at the same time. Luckily my position has later deadline so I ask the nice lady in the mail room to send the paper of it a day later than the one for PR position which has deadline on today. I hope it's all works out...

It would be nice to be able to finally say that I officially work for this big company not to mention having a regular day job and normal sleeping hour.


Joel said...

congratulations for ur job!

is that different working in big company and ton of workload and small company with less of workload.

Pete said...

well... I always works with this company... which is a big company.

Since the work is pretty routine the workload are more or less the same. Just that the amount of data gradually increase overtime as it's accumulated.

I would rather think that the small company would have more or less the same workload as the big one... since they would have smaller staff?

Anonymous said...

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Good Blog.

Hope you dont mind if i link you up.

Stay beautiful.

Pete said...

Thank you very much for the compliment and encouragement Khalel :)

Also thank you linking me ;)

By the looks of your blog you must be getting a lots of hits ;