Saturday, October 21, 2006

Second of Nine

Tonight is the second night of working for nine nights straight due ot my co-worker return to his hometown in the South. Apparently he got married awhile ago and now it's like his honeymoon... Not to mention that it is the end of Ramadun month and I think that by tradition he has to return hom to visit his family.

Now I understand his reluctant to return when I request for him to come back one day early so I could go to the comic book publisher event on the last weekend of this month.

This is just my second night and yet I felt like my sanity is slipping away... It felt almost like depression is looming around the corner and if I am not careful it will overpowered me. I knew I will be in pretty bad shape by the ninth night and I will probably sleeping the whole day away. Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit and permit me a more restful rest in the day. At least Monday is public holiday here which means I will get extra O.T. for working on that night :D.

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