Monday, October 09, 2006

Grace is back and My Day with Grace

On Saturday night, during the walk home with groceries in both hands, my cell phone rang, and when I pick it up it was Grace.

At first she ask me if I remember who she is, and I said her name right away and said so she is back in BKK already ;) She was a bit surprise that I still remember her voice but then she is the only close woman friend I had :P

She back home from London to see her family, her bf is here as well. Since she was on a paid phone on the street, I told her I will call her in her hotel room when I reach home so she don't have to spend a fortune on the phone.

So when I got back to my room, I search the hotel name and got the number. After two rang she pick up the phone and was surprise of how quick I was and said she just back in her room as well.

We talked a bit about the new airport, she said it was big and beautiful. And then she told me about how the hotel screw up her reservation and put her in smoking room. She complain and the front office said they will move her tomorrow since the hotel was full, she refuse and argue that it wasn't her fault that the room was not available so they eventually move her to a new non-smoking room. However, when she got into the new room it still have the cigarette scent so she went to ask the maids and they told her that the whole floor is smoking floor. She went through the roof about this and go berserk on the front office :P She asked to speak with the manager since she already talked to five different people and got no where. The manager came and said to settle this issue she will be move in to the suite. Grace said when saw the suite she say no more and completely satisfied with the room :P

Later on we set the time and place to meet on Sunday, she was excited to hear that there is a subway now and one of the station is just around the corner from my house. Since the hotel is in Sukumvit, we agreed on meeting in the subway station. I also mention that now her English has British accent.

Sunday came and we meet, Grace does not change much except that her hair is a lot longer, of which she said that haircut is very expensive in London, while Leo (her bf; he looks more Moroccan than Europian, and have nice tight body due to work out :P) comment that he likes the long hair so it was good for him and I joked that he have to keep an eye on her so she won't be sneaking off to a salon :P

We had lunch in Central Ladpraw and then Grace said she wants to buy photo albums so I lead her where they sell that. After she finish buying the albums we went back to see the suite room and it is huge, twice the size of the normal hotel room with living room+desk+small kitchen and big family size refrigerator. The bedroom has king size four posts bed and 42" plasma TV with DVD player, the bathroom is very big as well.

We talk a bit and then look at the photo that she had develops. She asked about my plan and we discuss that a bit, she suggest that my new schedule is bad and I should get a new job. I told her that perhaps I should looking into sticking to my plan instead. Later it was time for me to go as they would leave to do some shopping as well. And she pull out a Starbucks paper bag saying it is her gift for me, that she did not know what to get me but she remembered my glasses collection. So she get be Starbucks London city mug (a collection of 20 from around the world (according to the package of the mug).

It was nice to see her again. And we will probably meet one more time for dinner at one of the Japanese restuarent I mention. That would be nice for sure ;)


The Searcher said...

I think Grace is a really nice girl.... It is always great to have nice friends like that!

Pete said...

She is a fun woman to hang out with :)