Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another ComMarts Affairs

Commart Thailand started out as a innovation expo (if I remember it correctly...) but it gradually became sales event instead. Most of the major brands in IT industry will came to sales their goods with promotions and discounts. As it became a quarterly event, the novelty seems to diminish a bit but it is always very crowded.

This times I went to look for a good mouse to replace my old one. My intended budget of estimated 500s baht got blown away when I walk pass Acrox booth and found this mouse.

It is a laser mouse, which means it can scroll faster than normal optical mouse as it was intended for gaming purpose and with the laser sensor it can be use on any surface even on glass panel (I guess for posh tech geek who use computer on glass table :P)

Click on the photo to look at the mouse's homepage.

After walking around the area several times, I walk into the main hall which house most the major brands from Mac to Lenovo. As I expected, the main focus of this event is still on notebooks. I did not really look into them though... Since I still do not need to buy any just yet, plus Intel will release their quad-core CPU this week. That should effect the computer price (at least on the desktop front) quite a bit.

However, my eye fall on this item and I just have to take a closer look.

Try save the picture on your computer and flip it upside down and tell me what you see ;)

It is a gel based wrist supporter. I only saw a green one at first and I was hesitated about getting one, but after I looks behind it and I saw the blue one I just think what the heck I just need to splurge myself a bit (My favorite color is blue :D).

I was also sorely tempted by the 190 baht USB bluetooth adapter. But I figured that I might not use it that much. Plus I prefer to scroll in the phone memory with explorer rather than using the phone menu, some might not show up by using the phone menu alone.

Epilogue: I left my home around 11am and must have arrive at Queen Sirikit Convention Center no later than 20 minutes later using the subway, but when I left I look at the clock and it 3pm already!! I seems to easily lost tracks of time when I am around IT stuff...

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