Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No More Toilet Paper

This is a dedication to Torn, who seems to have problem with dry toilet papers ^^ I would like to offer a solution that might ease his problem.

I had became accustomed to this... instrument since about... perhaps 15 years ago when it was installed in my house for the first times.

It is essentially a water hose with the spray head similar to shower head but smaller with the hand level that you can close your grip on to release the water.

It is essentially a better way to clean your... well your behind after you finish your business.

and if you manage to hook warm water with that... It is a very nice feeling :PP

I am not sure if this available in Canada... At least it seems that it wasn't install at the hotel Torn stayed while in Las Vegas...

Maybe I just get the impression... But let me assure you who never tried this to seek this out in the baht section of the hardware store. You Will Love It!

So... Per Torn's comment, he never saw something like this before... I am always wondered if the reason that this is not popular in Canada and perhaps USA is because of the hot water pipe...

Anyhow, I still recommend a trip to hardware store. And perhaps you should also print out this picture to show the salespeople there :) If it is not available, then I might recommend a trip to Thailand, ring me up and I will be happy to show you where to get one or more ;)


tornwordo said...

Lol! That looks good, but I've never seen one here.

thompsonboy said...

its like a bidet but you can control it...thats all!