Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fifth of Nine

Right now it is the fifth night... Some might think I am being a drama queen but the stress (although there wasn't a lot of work for now, perhaps tomorrow night...) of being in the office is not something to be taken lightly... Especially when you cannot have a restful sleep in the day due to hot weather.

I think after this ordeal has ended, it is time for Japanese buffet that include Salmon sashimi, some takoyaki and nice Japanese sticky rice :ddd. There is one such resturant called 'Kuroda' near Ekamai BTS station (walking distance).

The problem is that... I don't have anyone to go with me and when you have buffet meal it is best to have company so it won't be boring... Perhaps I might ask my younger brother... Eventhough I could ask my mom, she might decline since she did not like to eat Japanese food that much, and not in the amount that will make paying for 399 baht per person worthwhile.

I also need a new mouse. Not the living kind but the kind that attach to computer :) My current one is a tad too small for my hand which will cause aching when used for over a period of time. Plus the wheel button is not working anymore...

It is tough to find a decent mouse that I like that cost around 500 baht. Also that I like five-buttons mouse, the only model so far that has that is no longer produce. Plus its cable tend to break internally after a year or so, which I believe is faulty design. Anyway I will find time to go to Pantip, there is no rush since the current mouse is still working.

At least my state of mind is still intact so far.

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