Thursday, December 08, 2005

My new gig and Final Fantasy

Well well well... I guess it's official... I have no social life to speak of... Fourth game post coming up as well as another good news of myself.

First, the Good news. I had finally landing myself a new job!! It's nothing fancy or not in the industry that I am interested in but it will be a stepping stone toward what I would rather do. But for now I need to experince..

And for the game post (darn...) My bittorrent of FF IX had just finish a few days ago. I had bought the ROM on DVD before but it was in Japanese. Now I have it in English :DD. I have been a fan of Final Fantasy series for quite sometimes. The series is quite unique in that none of the characters are the same. The stories are usually about saving the world from mad person on a mission to destory it. Each Sequal has a unique system to it which I guess has became a trademark of the series.

Personally I had finish only FF 4 to 8 and now playing 9th one :) The unique point that need to be mention are the 'Job System' presented in FF 3 and 5 (Both of which has never been officially release in English language which seems to be common that there will be on game in each console that has been left behind for some reason) In both FF 3 and 5, you will be able to change the job of your characters to suit the situation :) Each will have special skill that will help make the game progress better.

However, in most of the game there are some 'training' perios in which the characters need to gain some certain points to completely learning spell or abilities. It would be nice if the point gains (usually 1-3) is balance (as in not taking 4-5 hours to complete) with the required points (40 or 50 or sometimes hundreds) But I guess this is RPG game Japanese style for ya...

I will be busy going through FF IX for quite a while... It's a 4 CDs game afterall :)

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