Friday, December 09, 2005

Being Constant

I like to think of myself as being constant. A standstill point in the world if you will. I have read such passage from the very last official chapter of Sherlock Holmes series in which Holmes said to Watson that he is still the same like a unchanging point in the universe. A person who will not be subject to change by time or against his will or perhaps just be able to maintain an email address for over 9 years.

It might be mind boggling to think back when. When I still use internet on unix and open Hotmail with lynx: a text-base web browser *insert your gasp here*. It just that I seems to have less impression on people than I thought I would be... Afterall I have be able to maintain the same email address for close to 10 years and yet some of my older contacts never seems to try to reach me... I suppose they are more occupied than I am with real person unlike your truly :p

1 comment:

savante said...

I know exactly what you mean :) Some guys just tend to fade away.