Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Luna in my music

So far I have a collection of about 2GB worth of mp3 files on my computer. Just almost every genre from Whitney Houston to Bach, Aretha Franklin to Evanescence and of cause Madonna to Meatloaf :) Except for the mind numbing trance=techno=dance stuffs that they play in Disco nowadays...

Many times I like to listen to something that make me feel crazy with emotions. Evanescence and Meatloaf's ballad usually had that effect on me :) The sound on their songs that I could describe as 'full' that just hit me complete and take me somewhere else. The kind of song that make me wish I have a room with nice set of speakers to sing the song (badly) to it.

Other times I would visualize the songs. The Carpenters's 'Touch Me When We are Dancing' seems to put me in a flowery park in a bright afternoon dancing with a man ^o^. Fourplay's 'After the Dance' put me in a lazy Sunday afternoon swinging to the jazzy sound close to my man as well. And Oddly enough... George Michael's 'Father Figure' made me think of hot sweaty night, naked in bed with a man with blue light shines through the window. (I should mention that I am still single. Any hunky GWM volunteer to help me change that?)

My mp3 player of choice on my computer is Sonique :) The Lovely, Nifty, Cool, mp3 player that was bought my Lycos during the dot com boom and eventually got dismantle by that darn company. Lycos manage to fired all the people working on the Version 2, hired One new guy to work on it. And we got stuck with Beta 3 version that never complete... Therefore I still use the 1.96 version with DFX plugin. For some reason I never really like how Winamp sound...

Here is an image that I found on a forum that I had visited. I like it so I save it and now sharing it with ya All :)

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