Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Manga o' Me

I LOVE comic books, which in this case meant Japan comic books aka Manga. Unlike Paul at Bedtime stories, I rarely read any books. I guess for me I find that Manga can be as profound if you allow them to be and that you choose your Manga carefully. Afterall comic are not to be taken too seriously :)

I remembered the first one that I bought (not srue if it's the first one but it's definitely the first I remembered buying). It was one of the weekly issue one with Kano, a lead guy from old sci-fi drama comic: Xenon. And I had read quite a lot ever since.

It can be quite annoying when people think manga are for strictly for kids. Of cause what do They ever know... Comic book industry in japan had grown so much that some comic are made for older demographic as well as for youngers.

My recent fixation is on comics made by CLAMP, a group of four female cartoonists which produce their work in almost every mainstream genre ever since they became professional. Thier trademark can be clearly seen in the artwork and story, both of which are Splendid and thought-provoking and sometimes even profound. For example, One character ask another 'Why we should not kill another human being?' What would be the correct answer to this question without referring to the religion and philosophy?

CLAMP's present work are Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle and XXXHolic. Both of which are unique in their own way as TRC will feature characters from CLAMP's old comics and XXXHolic's main character will play a vital parts in TRC story line. The scanlation of Tsubasa (which is Japanese word for feature :)) can be found at http://www.stoptazmo.com and XXXHolic is at Baka-Updates Manga - Hisa-chan Scanlations

I will put up more post about CLAMP and their latest works later :)

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