Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Chill and God on the run

Since I have got a brand spanking new DVD-RW drive I has been playing my new game that seems to only available in DVD: Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy and Black & White 2. And here are my takes on the game.

Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy, was promised to be new generation Adventure game with grippin' story telling, intuitive puzzle and strong narrative. They also throw in the controlling method that at times can be downright frustrating rather than the supposed *fun* and engaging feeling type. In the game when you character 'interact' with the hotspot there will be movement gesture for you to imitate with either your mouse or controller, alright I am no problem with this and it does make things more interesting than just click away at the options. If the action was more physical then you have to alternately and repeatedly pressing either Left and Right arrow on your keyboard or L R button on the controller, I kinda get the idea of this one but sometimes there is no telling if it's working until it's too late, plus it is kinda tiring after replaying the sequence several times... And the controlling that I hate the most PAR system. What you will get are two circles with four colours to indicate up, down, left, and right movement of both your keyboard and mouse Or both side of the analog stick. Some of these sequences are just too fast to follow... Plus my right analog doesn't seems to work properly... I seems to get better results by using keyboard and mouse...

The game also promise that the story will be slightly altered by the way you play it. The company call this 'rubber band' affect, as in you can stretch the game or bend it around according to your game play. However, it did not really affects the game that much only in some minor areas. And multiple endings will be determine by how you play the last chapter (which is good in a way, afterwise you would have to replay a considerable amount of game just to see it all)

Anyway the story part is more interesting. It involve murder, conspiracy, grand scheme of secret rulers, and a prophet child. Although I must agreed with others in some forum I have read that the story began to loosen it's focus after the two thirds of the game with some added plot that just doesn't addup on what we been playing so far. But all-in-all this game is a commendable afforts by the company Quantic Dreams in delivered an enjoyable experinces for this game.

Black & White 2. Just like the first one, you can play as Good God or Evil God at you will and you will also get a Creature which will aided you quest to became the ruling god. Unlike the first one, you are no longer a nameless god of some tribe but of Roman empire which has been pillage by Aztec force in the beginning of the game. Thus, began your quest to restore the power of your people and destroy or convert the Aztec according to your play style.

In order to win each mission, you can either 'capture' each town by military force or by building an 'impressive' city so the people from other cities will be migrating to yours. Quite an impressive idea really... You actually get to play two style in one game. As you can either play it as RTS game by storming your troop to crush everything in sights or play as Sim City by keep building, and sometimes protecting, your city to impress the people of the whole island. I have not play far into the game yet as I restarted it because I wanna have Lion instead of Wolf as my creature :p

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