Thursday, October 06, 2005


The first 3D Real-Time Space Strategy game that dare to go beyond the common ground and able to delivered.

It was the first game that have you play in complete 3D space environment and I did not mean just graphic but also in terms of combat :) You get to fight in real 3D space as in 360 degrees with real ups and downs. You also get to controlling an entier armada. Plus the game manage to look better while playing than in screenshots. I had first played this game extensively on demo since I was afraid that the machine we have back then won't be up for it until I finally bough the CD (pirate version of cause.) And boy was it WORTH IT!!!

The story itself was quite powerful, not to mention the graphic, the superb sound affects that really give you the feeling of being in space. The beauty of commanding an entire fleet of spaceships that ranging from minute star fighter class to the giant carrier and battle cruiser and one I love the most 'Salvage Corvette'

For more comprehensive infomation check out this site .

One downside of this game is that it seems to have too good of a CD-Security... The no-cd crack I tried does not work on it. Good thing I still kept the CD though :)

Even so this is a great one of a kind game. A must for gamers everywhere :) Even more so if you like RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game.


savante said...

I really must check out this computer game shop aka your house :)


Pete said...

Heheh :) I think Homeworld Demo still available on the net. I do recall playing it extensively as I mention in the post. Try it ;) you might love it :)

But better do it after you got back from Istanbul. Make sure you snap some hot pics to share with your fans ;)