Friday, June 06, 2008

Visa: Got, Now the rest...

I got my UK visa :D Now I can go, but I have no real travel plan yet :pp

I had booked my plane ticket, reserve B&B, and notify my London contacts but I have not set where I will see exactly yet... People in my office recommend a few places, like walking along the Thames rivers, the British Museum, and London Eye. The thing is... I am more interested in... gay places and *activities* :p

Now that I can go, I need to buy new camera... As my mom took mine to replaces hers. I also need sneakers, since I do not own one. But the price of *Air* sneakers are quite expensive... Maybe I will just settle for some loafers instead...

I still need to decide on which camera to buy... Luckily there will be another ComMart fair next week. I can check them out soon.

I am both happy yet apprehensive about this trip. It will be my first trip on my own and I do not know what to expect. But I know I should do this, I really really should.

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