Sunday, June 01, 2008

Office Party Night and Wonderful

Tonight is the night of the office party to welcome new teacher and say good bye to the leaving one. The food was quite good and a lot people turn up including the new teacher and the one that is leaving :)

Anyhow, I leave the party rather early as I have my visa application to go tomorrow morning *fingers cross*

I also found this clip that I am very fond of. I first hear this song from one of the audition in the 4th cycle of "So You Think You Can Dance". I remember the voice, it was Annie Lennox, and after a bit of search I found the song. Even better, I found her Acoustic Live version as well.

However, the original video post have very low audio. So I download and put it through conversion to make it louder, the easy way :P

Here it is :)

I am really admire her singing voice. I find that she is one of the few musician whom I like their live performance than the studio release version.

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