Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buying Sneakers and Repairing My Work Shoes

I spent about 15 minutes investigating the sneakers I wants to buy. It was a good thing because the one that I want, with the color that I want, is not available in my size. I, however, found another cool looking one with higher flooring and a bit sturdier looks but it string tied sneakers and not the velcro type that I would prefer. I do not wants to fiddling aroudn with shoestrings but it seems that I do not have a choice.

I wants a black color pair, but the one I wants only available in brown and light brown, and too big in size or too small. I sort of made up my mind, about 90% already, and I will make the purchase after work. Then I will take my work shoes to the brand's store for repair right away.


savante said...

Black eh! Damn. Wish we guys had more choice when it comes to shoes!

Petie said...

Oh well... I need the blacks to goes with my slack pants...

I will post the picture later ;)