Monday, June 02, 2008

Visa Application, Calorie Mate, and Additional Info on Last Post

I had a restless night. I guess it's the nerve that I usually have on the eve of travel of important day. I woke up at the alarm but groggy as hell...

Anyhoo... The application went through without a hitch. Now I am waiting for the results. While I was in the waiting area, a saleslady handed me a pamphlet. Turns out it's a pamphlet to sell UK's prepaid SIM card, oyster card, and travel insurance. If I get my visa I think it would be good to buy those right away.

After finish with the submitting my application, I was thinking about going to Isetan, a Japanese department store near by to look for Calorie Mate. However, it was too early, and the dept. store did not open yet. So I eventually take a bus to the 'Japanese Avenue'.

It was quite easy to find but not as many shop a I imagine, but I did found what I was looking for :D I went into the UFC supermarket and ask a few staff about this. They were extremely helpful. They only have small pack, 2 pieces box, for 88 baht. I bought one for trial. I think I will try one tonight or perhaps I will take it to show at the office tomorrow before trying one.

There is also a bakery shop nearby, I went inside and saw a piece of roll cake that has banana pieces inside and as topping. It looks real good and just 50 baht too :dd. I bought one before I left the area and went into Emporium and ate it there :d

I forgot to blog about the interesting songs they play at the restaurant. It sounds very much like a lounge style music, like Sinatra and such, but the songs themselves are of Beastie Boys, Nine Inches Nails, and Radioheads!! It start feel odd when the song, done in lounge style, with the lyrics chorusing 'Baby got Back, and I like them'. It finally dawn on me, and a few other people at the table who are all English literate, when the chorus 'f*ck me like an animal' ringing through the speaker. It is really strange I tell ya... I also just found a website about the album. Click here if you are interested.

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