Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dishearten and A Slight Relieve

Last night, when I got home I left Skype open, and CA must have been it as well and he called me. We chat about this and that, and I flirt with him a bit (saying about about how we have know each other biblically once :p).

After mentioned that I would grope him the next times we meet, he proceed to tell me that he is seeing someone in London and that they have an agreement. His guy was ok with CA play around with guy he attracted to but only once per men. Since we already did the deed, despite the fact that it did happen before this deal came along, CA decided that it still count as we already did it once :pp

So... The only way I would be able to get into his pants again, is for him to be completely single again. Part of me wish that would happen :pp Another part told me to move my obsession on to someone else, the virtue part of me that is. Still, I realize that I have not got a decent laid for quite a while. It is time for me to find time to Get Some!!

I also finally finished the application form for BC and emailed it at lunch time. Hopefully that will bear fruit and available for me to take it.


tornwordo said...

Skype rocks! And what's bc?

Petie said...

BC = British Council :)

It's the British organization that promote UK. I think they handle IELTS test too