Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Bit of Good News, Career Wise

Today, I got a call from British Council for an appointment to do a test with them for the position I applied for.

That will happen on Wednesday morning, which means I will have to be late at work again... At first, I was thinking about telling the boss in advance that I will have an errand to do with my mom per her order :P

However, she came up with a better idea, which is to call the office on Wed morning and tell them I do not fell well and that I will go see the doctor in the morning. Added that maybe I might go in later in the afternoon. I must say... that my mom's version is a better excuse :P

Anyway, I really have to do this, after all I still have to look out for myself first. I hope I score well with this exam. I must add though that this job does help me improve my English quite a lot. I think it will improve my chance with the position.

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