Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Current Status and A Slightly Lucky Break

The new job still went along quite smoothly, although the tension has built up slightly. I never realize how bad my English was till now :pp

The new boss had give me pointers for my written English to be more business like as well as correcting them grammatically and readability. I know I have the habit of writing long phases that is not easy to complete it as a sentence. She kept saying that she expected me to not making any mistake soon as well as said that I will get better in time.

I began to feel the tension and that does not help me liking the job better.

The good news, is that I am eligible to take the written exam for an Admin. staff position with Thai Airways. I also just finish my application form for a customer relation assistant at British Council.

Now I am hoping to get the one with BC, just because the office will be just one bus stop away from my house. Not to mention, better money and perhaps a more interesting works as well.

I do not know why just yet... That my new schedule has not sink in just yet and it left me tired and slightly cranky and not wanting to go to work.

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